Cross Border and Mexico Cargo Insurance

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Cross Border and Mexico Cargo Insurance


Even with USMCA being implemented on July 1, 2020, there remains a major discrepancy between cargo insurance regulations between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  In the United States, the Carmack Amendment of 1935 holds carriers fully liable for damages to the goods it transports for its shipper clients, without proof of negligence, unless it can prove otherwise.  Canadian carriers have a maximum liability of $2 per pound of cargo, which is fairly close to the requirement in America.  What most shippers do not understand is they are taking on almost full liability of this cargo when freight crosses over into Mexico.  Carriers are only liable for 2 cents per pound in Mexico and it is rarely enforced.  Borderless Coverage provides the only cost effective and efficient solution to obtain cross border and Mexico cargo insurance.

Cross Border and Mexico Cargo Insurance Services

Borderless Coverage is proud to offer Shipper’s Interest Cross Border and Mexico Cargo Insurance to a wide range of businesses in the North American shipping industry. A.M. Best has assigned our alliance a Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of A (Excellent).  We give our approved clients that ability to obtain this coverage on a per load, project, or annual basis.  This provides shippers All-Risk or partial coverage of their cargo from the moment of pickup until final delivery without any interruption of coverage at the border.  Quotes and policies can be obtained automatically and at any hour of the day through our automated portal or through your own TMS after we integrate via API.

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