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Cross Border Business Consulting and Borderless Coverage Insurance

Specializing in North American Cross Border Supply Chain & Insurance

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Who We Are

Borderless Coverage enables international companies to conduct safe and profitable business in North America and across North American borders.

We drive results & value.

Our team consists of business minded cross border supply chain consultants, economists, insurance experts, lawyers, and global trade agreement negotiators including the most recent lead negotiators of USMCA from Mexico.

Mark Vickers

Chief Executive Officer


What We Offer

Borderless Coverage brings the horsepower and expertise required for international organizations to safely and profitably conduct cross border business in North America. We offer Cross Border Business Consulting and Cross Border Transportation & Logistics Insurance.

Transportation & Logistics Insurance

  • Cross Border and Mexican Cargo Insurance
  • North American Trucking Captives
  • North American High Value Cargo Insurance
  • Comprehensive Transportation and Logistics Insurance

Our Experts

Mark Vickers, Borderless Coverage

Mark Vickers

CEO of Borderless Coverage

Tom Vickers, Borderless Coverage

F. Thomas Vickers

Lead Counsel at Borderless Coverage
USMCA Compliance Keneneth Smith Ramos

Kenneth Smith Ramos

Former Chief Negotiator of NAFTA and USMCA, Partner at AGON, Cross Border and Mexican Business Consultant

MA. Fernando Mayer

Former Negotiator of USMCA, Partner at AGON, Cross Border and Mexican Business Consultant

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