Maximizing the Potential of B-1 Drivers in Cross-Border Operations

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As cross-border freight movements between the U.S. and Mexico continue to surge, discussions surrounding the utilization of B-1 truck drivers from Mexico are becoming increasingly prevalent. At Borderless Coverage, we recognize the pivotal role that B-1 drivers play in facilitating seamless cross-border transportation. While there has been hesitancy in the past regarding insuring fleets with

Cargo Truck Hijacking Is Becoming A Major Problem In Mexico

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This issue of cargo truck hijacking has become a major news story in Mexico after several local trucking chambers organized protests, blockading multiple highways in different parts of the country on February 15, 2024. Ernesto Flores, the Vice Chairman of the AMOTAC chamber explained, “The authorities [in Mexico] haven’t not done enough to stop highway

2023 Update on Mexico’s Rising Cargo Hijacking

Check out our updated Mexico Cargo Hijacking Portal with numbers for 2023. In 2023, Mexico recorded 7,862 violent cargo truck hijackings, up 3% from 2022. The most problematic states in Mexico are Estado de Mexico and Puebla. One other hotspot to watch is Veracruz where hijackings increased by 58% in 2023. Companies engaging in nearshoring

Securing the US-MX Trade Lane: Mark Vickers’ Strategies for Enhanced Cargo Safety

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At Borderless Coverage, when it comes to cargo safety it’s important we understand the complexities and risks involved in the US-MX trade lane. Recently, Nuvocargo published an insightful article titled “Enhancing Cargo Safety in the US-MX Trade Lane: Navigating Risks and Leveraging Nearshoring,” where they delved into these issues in detail with Mark Vickers, Reliance

Boost Your Cross-Border Operations with the Right Cargo Insurance

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In an insightful FreightWaves article, “Borderlands: Cargo insurance can boost cross-border operators’ business,” Mark Vickers, executive vice president and head of international logistics at Reliance Partners, sheds light on the complexities and benefits of cargo insurance in the Mexico-U.S. trade corridor. The article emphasizes the crucial role of cargo insurance in safeguarding cross-border operations, especially

Mexico’s Hijacking Surge: Analysis by Mark Vickers on Global Americans

In a recent article for Global Americans, Mark Vickers explains: “According to data published by Mexico’s federal government that was compiled and analyzed by Reliance Partners, during the first nine months of 2023, Mexico reported 6,030 hijackings, up over 8 percent from 5,578 during the same period of 2022. Mexico’s largest industrial business chamber, CONCAMIN, calculates that cargo

Managing Mexico Transportation Risk: Insights from Mark Vickers

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Borderless Coverage is excited to bring you a summary of our recent podcast appearance on the “Logistics of Logistics” podcast, where our very own Mark Vickers, Executive Vice President and Head of International Logistics, discussed Mexico transportation risk with host Joe Lynch. Key Takeaways from the Podcast In the “Logistics of Logistics” podcast episode, Mark

Cargo Truck Hijacking on the Rise in Mexico State and Puebla

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Late summer and early fall of 2023 have brought attention to a growing concern in Mexico – the alarming rise in cargo truck hijackings, particularly in Mexico State and Puebla. Two viral videos captured harrowing attempts by criminals to block roads and hijack cargo trucks in these states. These incidents shed light on the escalating

Analysis of Cargo Truck Hijacking In Mexico

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Cargo hijacking is a major risk for foreign companies moving freight via highways in Mexico. As part of our in-house research for our Borderless Coverage program, Reliance Partners analyzed publicly available data from Mexico’s federal government’s National Public Security System crime database.   We found that the total number of hijackings recorded increased 11% y-o-y

Mark Vickers Feature on “What The Truck?!?”

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Borderless Coverage is honored to share a remarkable moment that highlights the expertise and insights at Reliance Partners and Borderless Coverage. Mark Vickers recently took the spotlight on an episode of, “What The Truck?!?” Mark Vickers, EVP and Head of International Logistics at Reliance Partners, shines light on cargo risk originating from Mexico. With his