Cargo Truck Hijacking Is Becoming A Major Problem In Mexico

shadow of protesters and a truck

This issue of cargo truck hijacking has become a major news story in Mexico after several local trucking chambers organized protests, blockading multiple highways in different parts of the country on February 15, 2024. Ernesto Flores, the Vice Chairman of the AMOTAC chamber explained, “The authorities [in Mexico] haven’t not done enough to stop highway

2023 Update on Mexico’s Rising Cargo Hijacking

Check out our updated Mexico Cargo Hijacking Portal with numbers for 2023. In 2023, Mexico recorded 7,862 violent cargo truck hijackings, up 3% from 2022. The most problematic states in Mexico are Estado de Mexico and Puebla. One other hotspot to watch is Veracruz where hijackings increased by 58% in 2023. Companies engaging in nearshoring