Securing the US-MX Trade Lane: Mark Vickers’ Strategies for Enhanced Cargo Safety

boxes of cargo being packed into a truck

At Borderless Coverage, when it comes to cargo safety it’s important we understand the complexities and risks involved in the US-MX trade lane. Recently, Nuvocargo published an insightful article titled “Enhancing Cargo Safety in the US-MX Trade Lane: Navigating Risks and Leveraging Nearshoring,” where they delved into these issues in detail with Mark Vickers, Reliance

Boost Your Cross-Border Operations with the Right Cargo Insurance

cargo semi truck driving down a narrow road.

In an insightful FreightWaves article, “Borderlands: Cargo insurance can boost cross-border operators’ business,” Mark Vickers, executive vice president and head of international logistics at Reliance Partners, sheds light on the complexities and benefits of cargo insurance in the Mexico-U.S. trade corridor. The article emphasizes the crucial role of cargo insurance in safeguarding cross-border operations, especially

Mexico’s Hijacking Surge: Analysis by Mark Vickers on Global Americans

In a recent article for Global Americans, Mark Vickers explains: “According to data published by Mexico’s federal government that was compiled and analyzed by Reliance Partners, during the first nine months of 2023, Mexico reported 6,030 hijackings, up over 8 percent from 5,578 during the same period of 2022. Mexico’s largest industrial business chamber, CONCAMIN, calculates that cargo