Cargo Truck Hijacking on the Rise in Mexico State and Puebla

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Late summer and early fall of 2023 have brought attention to a growing concern in Mexico – the alarming rise in cargo truck hijackings, particularly in Mexico State and Puebla. Two viral videos captured harrowing attempts by criminals to block roads and hijack cargo trucks in these states. These incidents shed light on the escalating

Analysis of Cargo Truck Hijacking In Mexico

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Cargo hijacking is a major risk for foreign companies moving freight via highways in Mexico. As part of our in-house research for our Borderless Coverage program, Reliance Partners analyzed publicly available data from Mexico’s federal government’s National Public Security System crime database.   We found that the total number of hijackings recorded increased 11% y-o-y

Mark Vickers Feature on “What The Truck?!?”

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Borderless Coverage is honored to share a remarkable moment that highlights the expertise and insights at Reliance Partners and Borderless Coverage. Mark Vickers recently took the spotlight on an episode of, “What The Truck?!?” Mark Vickers, EVP and Head of International Logistics at Reliance Partners, shines light on cargo risk originating from Mexico. With his