Usage Based Insurance

Small-to-medium sized companies have no desire to invest in expensive annual insurance policies that cover high-value shipments and/or Mexican and international shipments. Large companies that are self-insured with high deductibles hate forking over large sums of cash to pay for claims. Borderless Coverage’s Shipper’s Interest Usage-Based Cargo Insurance program or what the industry now calls “UBI” gives Logistics Service Providers and Shippers the ability to obtain All-Risk full or partial value coverage on their freight when they need it. Coverage can be obtained on a per-load, project, or client-specific basis. Contact us today for a quote on Usage Based Insurance.

Buy cargo insurance only when you need it with usage based insurance.

Benefits of implementing the Borderless Coverage Usage Based Insurance (UBI) program:

  • Flexibility to obtain coverage on a per load, project, or client-specific basis.
  • Can cover the cargo from the moment of pickup until final delivery eliminating discrepancies at border during transloading process.
  • Enables Logistics Service Providers to obtain cost effective Excess (also called High Value or Spike) Insurance on high value or theft prone commodities that Operational Sales teams will typically shy away from, which can yield higher margins.
  • Low deductibles. – Cost is a faction of the load value.
  • Gold standard for International and Mexican cargo risk management.

Whether you are a small or large shipper, Borderless Coverage can provide you with cost effective options to insure your shipments internationally. Contact our team of experts to learn more about the programs we offer. As a Reliance Partners’ Company, Borderless Coverage specializes in Supply Chain Insurance options that will help you run with more peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn what options are available to you or your customers.

At Borderless Coverage, we build flexible insurance programs for our clients that operate both domestically and internationally.

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