Analysis of Cargo Truck Hijacking In Mexico

September 5, 2023

Cargo hijacking is a major risk for foreign companies moving freight via highways in Mexico.

As part of our in-house research for our Borderless Coverage program, Reliance Partners analyzed publicly available data from Mexico’s federal government’s National Public Security System crime database.


We found that the total number of hijackings recorded increased 11% y-o-y during the first half of 2023:

January – June 2023: 4,127

January – June 2022: 3,721


Mexico will likely record over 8,200 violent cargo truck hijackings by the end of 2023.

The true incidence of cargo hijacking is higher than this official data indicates. Many cargo truck hijackings are never recorded.

We found that central Mexico is the epicenter of the cargo truck hijacking problem in Mexico.

The states of Puebla, Estado de Mexico, and Michoacan, near Mexico City, together recorded 3,495 hijacking incidents, accounting for around 85% of the overall number of hijackings recorded in Mexico during the first half of the year.


Other emerging hijacking hotspots for foreign executives to watch include:

Morelos (up 28% in 2023)

Veracruz (up 80% in 2023)

San Luis Potosi (up 25% in 2023)

Oaxaca (up 176% in 2023)


We will continue to monitor cargo truck hijacking risk in Mexico.

Table of Mexico cargo hijackings over the year of 2023-2022

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