Mark Vickers feature on Risk Roulette

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Discover essential insights to safeguard your nearshoring investments in the compelling feature article by Mark Vickers on BNamericas. With a wealth of experience culminating in the creation of Borderless Coverage, Vickers delves into the intricacies of Mexico’s nearshoring boom. While the potential for growth is significant, the article emphasizes the critical issue of organized crime’s

Addressing the Growing Threat of Truck Hijackings in Mexico

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In today’s interconnected world, cross-border trade plays a crucial role in the global economy. As businesses expand their reach, so do the challenges they face. One of these challenges, particularly pertinent to the insurance industry, is the rising threat of organized crime-related cargo truck hijackings. Recent developments reported by the Mexican news magazine, Proceso shed

Highway Heists: Cargo Truck Robberies Surge on Etla-Oaxaca Route

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In a recent report from NVI, it has been revealed that incidents of cargo truck robberies have been escalating on the Etla-Oaxaca highway. This troubling trend has caused concern among authorities and businesses alike, with multiple incidents being reported in the region. The article highlights the increase in brazen attacks on cargo trucks transporting valuable

Claudia Casas Joins LMCA as Director: Driving Cross-Border Excellence

We’re thrilled to announce that Claudia Casas, EVP of Sales at Reliance Partners, has been appointed as a Director at LMCA (Laredo Motor Carrier Association). Her nomination highlights our commitment to optimizing cross-border trade. Claudia Casas’ election brings extensive industry expertise and a dedication to enhancing trade. Her leadership will contribute to LMCA’s growth and

Violent Crime Poses a Threat to Mexico’s Investment Boom

According to EVP and Head of International Logistics at Reliance Partners, Mark Vickers, states, ‘On June 23, 2023, armed thieves hijacked a cargo truck on the highway near the town of Texmelucan in the state of Puebla in central Mexico. One day earlier, on June 22, a police officer escorting a cargo truck in Mexico

LMCA Event – December

LMCA Event

  Our team at Reliance Partners is comprised of experts in cross border transportation risk management. Next week, we will be hosting an event in Laredo, TX, to educate cross border motor carriers on how to best leverage Mexican (B-1) drivers while practicing top tier safety and how to properly address incorrect violations. Carriers that

Worry-Free Cross-Border Shipping Now a Reality

Full Article Posted on Freight Waves 10/27/2022. Updated 10/28/2022 @1:58pm EST The potential for lucrative foreign investment tempered by concern about crime is shaping Mexico’s future in a peculiar way. From a glass-half-full perspective, nearshoring and an influx of manufacturing have bolstered Mexico’s economic prospects. Forbes reports that Mexico garnered $11.9 billion in foreign direct investment

Cross-border Trucking Interest Heats Up- Laredo Event Draws Record Crowd

  If you are looking to start, grow, or optimize Mexican or cross border shipping and distribution operations with practical risk management, you can check out the highlights from our recent Laredo event here. While Los Angeles and Long Beach may have the splendor of larger-than-life container ships, the inland port of Laredo, Texas, has proven to

Mexico Transportation Risk Management Series

Risk Management Mexico

Borderless Coverage and Freight Waves have completed a series of articles on Mexico Transportation Optimization and Risk Management. Please review the articles here, and reach out to us if you have any questions regarding coverage in Mexico. Click here for an annual policy quote or here for a one-time load quote. All Risk Coverage Turning

Why You Should Consider Mexico

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In our latest blog with Freight Waves, we discuss the increasing attractiveness of Mexico for shippers and manufacturers. You can read the original article in full, here. Economic growth in Mexico has caught the attention of many U.S. manufacturers and shippers looking to nearshore or take advantage of Mexico’s improving transportation networks and young, educated