Managing Mexico Transportation Risk: Insights from Mark Vickers

October 30, 2023

Borderless Coverage is excited to bring you a summary of our recent podcast appearance on the “Logistics of Logistics” podcast, where our very own Mark Vickers, Executive Vice President and Head of International Logistics, discussed Mexico transportation risk with host Joe Lynch.

Key Takeaways from the Podcast

In the “Logistics of Logistics” podcast episode, Mark Vickers shared insights into the complexities and challenges of Mexico transportation risk. They highlighted the critical role of Borderless Coverage in providing comprehensive All-Risk Cargo coverage in Mexico. Our commitment to leveraging technology ensures efficient underwriting and streamlined insurance processes. Businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of international logistics, especially in Mexico, should consider Borderless Coverage as a trusted partner.

One of the essential topics Mark delved into was between cross-border shipments in Mexico and the United States.

“The way that cross-border shipments work in Mexico is a lot different than the US. In Mexico, they are shipping larger contracts that are specific around commodities so that shippers wouldn’t be able to find new capacity as quickly as in the US you can,” Mark Vickers explained.

Furthermore, Mark raised concerns regarding cargo hijackings in Mexico, revealing a startling statistic.

“The recorded numbers of cargo hijackings in Mexico are more than double than in the US, but the alarming piece is most of the instances and hijackings go underreported or go completely unreported,” Mark Vickers disclosed.

Discover More on the “Logistics of Logistics” Podcast

Explore further into Mexico’s transportation risk and learn how Borderless Coverage can safeguard your international operations, we invite you to listen to Mark Vickers on the “Logistics of Logistics” podcast. Access the podcast episode here.

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