Mark Vickers feature on Risk Roulette

August 15, 2023

Discover essential insights to safeguard your nearshoring investments in the compelling feature article by Mark Vickers on BNamericas. With a wealth of experience culminating in the creation of Borderless Coverage, Vickers delves into the intricacies of Mexico’s nearshoring boom. While the potential for growth is significant, the article emphasizes the critical issue of organized crime’s impact on shipments. Gain valuable perspectives on security risks, vulnerabilities within supply chains, and effective strategies to navigate these challenges. Vickers also sheds light on the gravity of the situation, drawing parallels to terrorism concerns within the freight industry. Dive into the comprehensive interview with Mark Vickers to ensure your nearshoring ventures flourish successfully.

For the full article, visit: Risk Roulette: How to Avoid Mexico’s Organized Crime Pitfalls.