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Cross Border Distribution Strategy:

It is now more important than ever to have a Borderless North American distribution strategy. Geopolitical events such as the US-China trade war, USMCA implementation, and of course the pandemic have yielded unprecedented nearshoring of manufacturing and distribution operations in North America.

Cross border mergers and acquisitions, shifts in demand and sourcing partners, or distribution consolidation may justify repositioning
distribution centers, repurposing manufacturing or packaging facilities for distribution, relocating product and safety stock, utilizing 3PLs, or leveraging pop-up warehouses.

Cross Border Network Optimization Services:
Fluctuations in your cross border distribution network will have a big impact on your service level, labor costs, tax incentives, transportation costs, and legal framework of your business. This requires organizations that participate in North American trade to have an agile cross border supply chain.

  • Cross Border Distribution Network Optimization Services
  • Cross border distribution network design
  • Fulfillment strategy
  • DC utilization studies
  • Consulting for acquisition of cross border multi-mode transportation, brokerage, and 3PL
  • Consolidation analyses
  • Location analysis and site selection
  • Transportation optimization
  • Inventory deployment and flow strategies
  • Statistical KPI development and performance assessment
  • 3PL selection and implementation
  • Ensure capacity by prescribing an ideal size, purpose and configuration for each distribution center

Tools and Process:
Borderless Coverage utilizes its own proprietary software, data analysis tables, and best practices
learned from years of first-hand experience to create world class cross border distribution
programs. We leverage network analysis tools such as Llamasoft and INSIGHT’S SAILS in
combination with our own.

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