All Risk Coverage Turning Heads in Mexico

March 4, 2022

all risk coverage mexico
With the landscape of Mexican freight changing rapidly, more and more shippers are turning to all risk coverage. We have included highlights from a recent Freight Waves article that highlights Borderless Coverage and it’s offerings.

Highlights from the article:

The Mexican freight landscape of today is changing rapidly. The country’s reputation for logistics lawlessness is quickly being tamed by visionary industry leaders willing to invest in visibility technologies and comprehensive cross-border insurance solutions to spur Mexican freight opportunities.

Mark Vickers, Reliance Partners’ executive vice president of international logistics, recently connected with Antonio Luna, managing partner at Vitti Logistics, to highlight Mexico’s burgeoning freight industry and give reasons why American shippers should give Mexico a second look.

Vickers describes this as very beneficial for North American shippers interested in Mexico. While cutting-edge technology is helpful to have, nothing beats using a liaison in Mexican cross-border shipping, especially an insurance-savvy one.

Luna praises all-risk solutions like Borderless Coverage for streamlining and mitigating the risks involved with cross-border insurance.

Previous solutions weren’t always available for standard commodities, but Reliance Partners’ Borderless Coverage program provides All-Risk, Shipper’s Interest Cargo Insurance for both standard and high-value Mexico and international shipments on a per-shipment or per-project basis from the moment of pickup until final delivery regardless of mode.

“Having the ability to insure a load, regardless of how many carriers are going to be involved, is something that provides the customer with confidence to say, ‘I don’t have to worry about carrier one, carrier two or carrier three; I’m paying for insurance from point A to point B — period,’” Luna said.

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