Are Mexico Free Trade Zones Worth Exploring?

February 4, 2022

Mexico Free Trade Zones


Borderless Coverage CEO, Mark Vickers, was recently interviewed for an article with FreightWaves on the topic of Mexico Free Trade Zones. In the article, Vickers discusses whether it is worth considering Mexico Free Trade Zones for your operation. You can read the full article here.


  • Does it make sense to move manufacturing and/or distribution operations to Mexico? Possible to alleviate waiting times and congestion at US ports by routing shipments via Mexico?
  • Many of our international clients are asking these questions and they need quick supply chain wins now more than ever! Borderless Coverage Powered by Reliance Partners offers international distribution network optimization services and have an expertise in Mexico. We also partner with Mexican 3pls that can enable you to adapt FAST.
  • Could the port of Manzanillo or another port be an option for you? We can help. Check out why and how here in this FreightWaves article that features one of our Mexican 3PL partners.