Claudia Casas Joins LMCA as Director: Driving Cross-Border Excellence

July 7, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Claudia Casas, EVP of Sales at Reliance Partners, has been appointed as a Director at LMCA (Laredo Motor Carrier Association). Her nomination highlights our commitment to optimizing cross-border trade.

Claudia Casas’ election brings extensive industry expertise and a dedication to enhancing trade. Her leadership will contribute to LMCA’s growth and the success of the Laredo region.

As a Director, Claudia will collaborate with industry leaders, forging strong partnerships to overcome challenges and drive innovation. Together, we’ll optimize trade flows between the US and Mexico.

Claudia Casas’ appointment as a Director at LMCA strengthens our focus on cross-border excellence. Her expertise will enhance supply chain operations, promoting smoother trade flows in the Laredo region.

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