Usage Based Insurance for Small to Medium Sized Shippers

November 12, 2021

Usage Based Insurance for Small to Medium Sized Shippers

The recent rise of usage-based shipping insurance provides a more practical and cost-effective solution especially for small to medium sized shippers looking to insure their shipments. Rather than having to purchase a multi-year cargo insurance policy, you are now able to shape an insurance policy based on how often you ship, what you ship, and where you ship. The Borderless Coverage program powered by Reliance Partners actually allows shippers to obtain coverage on per load, project, or annual basis. This allows the small to medium sized shipper to become nimbler and preserve capital that they would typically have to put upfront for a policy. Usage based insurance shows that the insurance industry now recognizes that there is no one insurance policy that covers all businesses’ needs.

Benefits of Implementing a Usage Based Insurance Model for Small Businesses:

– Cargo insurance can be obtained for specific regions, product lines, or commodities
– Insure higher value shipments that exceed regular insurance liability limits
– Cover shipments from door-to-door, international or domestic
– Shipper indemnified directly in case of a claim
– Eliminates the risk of having your shipment move while being Underinsured

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