Worry-Free Cross-Border Shipping Now a Reality

Full Article Posted on Freight Waves 10/27/2022. Updated 10/28/2022 @1:58pm EST The potential for lucrative foreign investment tempered by concern about crime is shaping Mexico’s future in a peculiar way. From a glass-half-full perspective, nearshoring and an influx of manufacturing have bolstered Mexico’s economic prospects. Forbes reports that Mexico garnered $11.9 billion in foreign direct investment

Case Study: Safely Shipping Seafood Across the Border

Safely Shipping Seafood Across the Border Image

In this article, we discuss safely shipping seafood across the border. You can read the original article on Freight Waves, here. Running a cross-border business is hard enough, but even more so when seafood is in the mix. Now you’ve got to worry about spoilage in addition to cargo theft and other risks. Phillipe Katkhouda

Insurance + FreightTech to Hurdle any Cross-Border Issue

combining insurance and freight tech

In our latest Freight Waves article, Borderless Coverage explores the importance of combining insurance and technology to mitigate your risk. The article reviews how Mark Vickers, of Reliance Partners, teamed up with Troy Ryley, president of Redwood Mexico, to share their best practices for improving cross-border trade and mitigating risks. As safety remains a top